Donna K JewelryTM

Donna K Designs are one-of-a kind original & signature jewelry creations, using a variety of real gemstones, Swarovski crystals, natural pearls, turquoise, gold and sterling silver.

Donna K designs are born out of her heart, passion and love for her work. As an artist, Donna K values each piece that she creates but more importantly she values and cares about every client.

By not repeating a design except for a few limited editions her jewelry is distinctive and truly unique.

 Her philosophy: “I want each piece to be as special as the person wearing it”

 Donna K – Proud Sponsor & exclusive designer for the NGACO Military Ball/Conference, Award winning designer & sponsor for International Pageants, Fashionista 2014 & ESPN’s - “Live with Lisa” at the US Senior Golf Open,  Jennifer Mills of NBC.

Featured at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Country Clubs, Fine Art Shows, various events, fundraisers, fashion, bridal & holiday venues. Works with film Producers

Sponsor for Brent’s Place: Kids with Cancer, Give 2 Orphan kids, Rocky Mountain Dental Society, Guest Appearances - TV / Radio & articles. Her work photographed by Cherie of Beverly Hills.

2010 - 2015
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